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ExitusPlus™ Activity Test - Chỉ Thị Retest date dung dịch tẩy rửa DNA, RNA

Thương hiệu: Panreac- Applichem (Mỹ)
Mã SP: A9411,0025
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ExitusPlus™ Activity Test
Color-coded test strips for DNA-ExitusPlus™ activity
Product No. A9411

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DNA-ExitusPlus™ Activity Test is a quick and convenient tool to test the activity of AppliChem’s solutions for
nucleic acid decontamination DNA-ExitusPlus™(A7089) or DNA-ExitusPlus™ IF (A7409). The test strips are
very sensitive and designed to detect the redox reaction of DNA-ExitusPlus™ solutions. The strips are
calibrated to nucleic acid degradation and to ageing of DNA-ExitusPlus™ solutions.
Test DNA-ExitusPlus™ if there are any concerns about the activity of the solution, e.g. after the recommend
re-test date or after repeated use in decontamination protocols. Follow the recommendations given in the
color scale. DNA-ExitusPlus™ solutions that give results within the sufficient efficacy range may be further
used for nucleic acid decontamination.
Storage: RT 25 strips

Instructions for Use
1. Use one strip for one sample. Soak the strip into decontamination solution for 10 seconds.
2. Remove the test strip, shake well to remove excess solution.
3. Wait for 30 sec. to develop the full color.
4. Match the color developed on the strip to the color scale.
DNA-ExitusPlus™ Activity Test Color Scale:

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